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 Since its inception in April 2010, ELOG has over the years designed, trained and monitored, and evaluated its approach to citizen election observation. ELOG has also added innovation in its main field of observation with a lot of hours of quality and high-level education. Join a course of your desire and you will earn a certificate of accomplishment. Start by creating a user account to track your progress


There are a number of courses to learn.

Long Term Observation (LTO)

Elections are not an event but a process with different critical stages linked together. As such, the LTO involves observing the electoral processes in the period before, or after the election day. These include party nominations, campaigns, etc.

Special Interest Group Observation

 This is an observation where an observer group focuses on certain minority groups that have always been disadvantaged by the electoral processes. These include women, youth and persons with disabilities.

GO Observation

This is a type of observation where the observer group deploys conveniently to the observers. There is no specific way of deployment.

Party Primary Observation

Political party primaries are ways in which parties select the candidates that will contest in an election sponsored by them. This covers the conduct of party primaries by political parties.

PVT Observation

 Parallel Vote Tabulation is an election observation methodology that uses statistics and ICT architecture. An observer group designs a random representative sample from where observers are recruited and deployed.

By-election Observation

This is the observation of electoral processes in an area where a by-election has been occasioned by a seat becoming vacant.

Tallying Centre Observation

Elections happen at a polling station. However, after the elections are conducted, the results are sent to the tally centres. There are different tally centres. Examples are the constituency tally centre, county tally centre and the national tally centre.

Media Monitoring

Traditional and new media have become a key part of elections for the campaign. This training will introduce participants to various methods of media monitoring for the traditional (TV and Radio) as well as new age (Social Media).

Short Term Observation (STO)

This is a type of observation where an observer group deploys only for a short duration. This could be about a month to the election day.

Mass Voter Registration Observation

This is the observation of registration of voters processes as conducted by electoral commissions. This observation covers continuous voter registration as well as enhanced voter registration/ Blitz.

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